Monday, August 21, 2006


So I've come to the realization about the truth of dieting.....

It's all about convenience.

On a good day I pack my lunch and a snack for work. Mainly it's combination of a salad, string cheese, yogurt, veggies or fruit. I have a tendency to have the fruit in the morning, salad at lunch and another snack at the most anticipated 3pm snack time. When I come prepared I do great!

The problem is when I'm not 100% prepared. If I dont bring a snack I have a tendency to go to the dreaded vending machine. I do tend to make wiser decisions (i.e. pretzels over Dorritos) but it's always something worse for me than it would have been if I brought something from home.

Being on a diet is not just about disciplining yourself to eat the right foods. Your mind also has to work for your stomach. I need to start being more proactive about going to the grocery store and always having healthy food on hand.

In other news...I had a very nice weekend. I had a great workout on Saturday and ended up taking Sunday off. I'm going to the gym after work mainly because I have a feeling there is going to be a roommate bonding trip to our local ice cream shop. I'll get a sorbet...dont you worry ;)

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Cookie said...

I just found your blog today, thanks for adding me to your links!

I definitely agree with you that a huge part of dieting is convenience. Unfortunately, it seems that daily life is consistently about inconvenience so it's hard to get the two to blend well!

Best of luck with your weight loss, I'll be checking back.