Thursday, May 24, 2007

I want your opinion

I know I've mentioned this before on my blog but I thought I would go ahead and do it again.

The new FDA approved weight loss drug is scheduled to be available mid June. It's called Alli (funny that its a girl's name). Alli promises 50% more weight loss than with regular dieting alone. It gives and example that if you lose 10lbs by dieting alone you can lose 15lbs by dieting AND taking Alli. Sounds great right?!?!?!....Tell me what you think.

I've always had a hard time taking weight loss pills. I dont like taking pills in general. It's fairly expensive; $65 for 90 pills. The side effects don't sound dangerous but unpleasant. The pill works by blocking 25% of the fat your body tries to absorb in the food you eat. If you eat a lot of fatty foods your body wont be able to digest them. Here is what Alli says:

The main side effect occurs when you eat a meal with too much fat while taking alli. If so much fat is blocked that your stool can’t absorb it, you might have side effects. Because they are not harmful, we call them “treatment effects”. They include loose or more frequent stools, an urgent need to go to the bathroom, or gas with an oily discharge.

That doesnt sound like fun!!!

So, would you try it???


Cory said...

I don't think anyone could PAY me enough to take that pill. It's for people who want to take a shortcut. The thing is, there are no shortcuts in weight loss. You simply have to change your life.

Fatinah said...

that route wouldn't be for me. At the end of the day, even if they worked, what would you have changed? I think slow and steady gives you the best chance at actually making the changes you need to loose the weight and keep it off. That's my $0.02 CDN worth for you!! Let us know what you decide.

alex said...
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alex said...
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~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

I am not big into pills of any kind... definitely would not try a weight loss pill. I think "natural" weight loss can work... it just takes time, patience and dedication.

alex said...
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Living to Feel Good said...

I'm against pills too. I know a lot of people who have told me that they feel like their hearts are racing, which is not a good thing (duh hehehe). I am a firm believer in doing it the natural right way. It may take longer but you know what goes in your body, and the only side effect to eating right and exercising is a healthy heart and mind. :)

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

I will admit that Alli has been on my mind, mainly because I'm feeling so down and in the dumps about my weight loss. But I know I haven't tried my best, or have been honest with myself, so until I've done my very best, I'm staying away from diet pills, prescription or otherwise!

Stick to it, girl, you can do this!