Friday, November 17, 2006

Seasons of change

I don't believe I've talked about the season/time change on my blog yet. Well let me tell you....I HATE it when Daylight savings time ends. There is just something that puts me in the worst mood ever than going home in the dark.

I've been feeling the ramifications of the time change for the past few weeks but I finally think I am getting back to normal again. For a while it was pretty light in the mornings but I have had the hardest times getting up to go to the gym all week. Monday I skipped, Tuesday was good, Wednesday was okay, Thursday I felt like I only worked out for 10mins and today was nothing special to talk about. None the less I was still successful at losing this week...and I lost 2.4lbs. I was down to 236.4 at one point this week but I didn't do so well yesterday with a HUGE lunch including cake at work.

Regardless I am happy. Since I think today is going to be a slow day at work I am going to try to put together a little spreadsheet of my progress. As in the Financial field I LOVE numbers and I LOVE organization.

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!

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Kristi said...

Congrats on your progress this week! I'm a fellow financial weenie - I've got a spreadsheet too :-)