Thursday, March 01, 2007

March Challenge

I have decided to participate in the March Challenge this month. Most everyone in the group has been participating since January but they accept new members at the beginning of each month.

My goal for this month is to run 3 miles a week. I know that isnt much but I really want to make running a part of my workout routine. I'm getting too comfortable with the elliptical machine so I need to mix it up. Since I've seen good results from doing interval training when I run on the tread mill I usually walk for 2 mins then run for 8 mins and so on and so on till I reach my total time.

One of my ultimate goals is to run a half marathon. I know there is no way I could do it any time soon but eventually I know I could.

Happy March everyone!


~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

That sounds like a great goal for March! Welcome to the Challenge!

Robyn said...

3 miles a week is a good start...wish I could run like that!
My husband and I recently went to DC and LOVED IT.
It'll be nice to get to know you better - good luck on this March Challenge!

Fatinah said...

3 miles a week not much?????? Yowsers! I think it is a great goal. Welcome to the challenge!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the challenge Alana! You've set a great challenge for yourself - I don't think I could run just one mile a week :) Keep up the great work!

jeannie* said...

I agree with Fatinah... 3 miles is tons to me!!! Great goal :)

Good luck and welcome aboard!