Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tight squeeze

One of my biggest nightmares when I was 'fatter' was trying to ride a roller coaster and not fitting into the seat. About three years ago a group of my girlfriends headed to Kings Dominion.

I had butterflies in my stomach on the way down to the amusement park. To be honest the only reason I went is because I wasn't the only fat girl. One of my friends I thought was about the same size as me, so I figured I would always let her go first and then I would know if I could fit. I would painfully analyze all the riders in line to see if there was anyone my size or larger.

We had gone on a few of the rides that day (all of which I fit) and headed over to the water park where I could relax. I knew I could fit in the pool :) Then we decided to do one more thrill ride before we went home. The wait in line was about two hours long and I did everything in my power to convince my friends to leave.

Faithfully I stood in line and silently had an anxiety attack. I knew the was a pretty dangerous ride so I knew the bars were gonna be tight. Sure enough we go up to the front of the line. I sat down....the bar didn't come down enough....one of the ride workers came over and pushed...another guy came over and PUSHED. After a minute or two the guys were like sorry ma'am we are going to have to ask you to leave.

I was crushed!!! From that day on I vowed to lose weight. Of course that feeling didn't last for very long but I have never forgotten that day. I knew I would never EVER go back unless I lost weight!!

Now a days I've started wondering if I should give it another shot. I love roller coasters and I'm curious to see how difficult or easy it would be to fit on one now. If only they gave you size charts online :)

Has this ever happened to anyone else?


Cory said...

This has never happened to me, but I haven't been to an amusement park for at least 60 pounds! It definitely wasn't a problem then. If I were you, I would probably try it again. You did just buy that mini-skirt, why not try something else big this summer!?!

Meghan said...

I've always claimed to hate rollercoasters for this exact reason! I say, give it another try, it would be a great reward for your hard work!

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Definitely try again! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. After you succeed, you'll have conquered a demon from the past!