Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The past couple of days I've been feeling blah. I dont think it's for any reason in particular. I don't feel bad...but I dont feel great.

I've already lost a pound this week so as long as I keep it up I wont be paying a Fatty Fee this week :) Instead I am going to put that $5 in a special place for ME! Hopefully, at the end of The Pool Challenge I'll have $65 in cool cash! I want to use that money for some new clothes that I so desperately need AND they will be a smaller size than I have now. Plus...if for some lucky reason I do win the challenge I could have some extra money to spend too. Shopping is a great motivator!!!

I hope everyone is have a wonderful and successful week so far.


Sunshine said...

That's awesome to have a personal reward system in your plan. I've done that before like "I will only buy Season 4 of Dallas when I lose five pounds". Because, you know, being greedy is SUPER helpful!
I'm trying to think of some kind of fun reward for myself too when I reach my goal weight, but can't think of what yet. New clothes are always good!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea~I think I will do the same!

Unknown said...

I was planning on doing the same. But I'm like a three year old: I can't wait 12 weeks to get something, I want it NOW! so i'll spend the fatty fees every week. This week: a crazy red nail polish to go with my uber cute black shoes.

Alison said...

Way to go! If we are all losing, though, there won't be any money at the end! LOL